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Cloudfox is a free open source Windows Phone 7 application that allows you to wireless synchronize your Firefox Weave bookmarks, history items and open tabs to your mobile phone. It is similar to Firefox Home for the iPhone platform. With Cloudfox your mobile phone and your Firefox will always be in sync.

The application is developed in C# and is currently targeting phones running Nodo; future versions will require Mango.

Detailed Overview

People are connected to the internet using multiple devices. User data, personal settings and preferences are scattered on these devices. This leads to user inconveniences; some data and settings are available on a desktop pc, while other data is stored on a smartphone or on a tablet.

Keeping this manually in sync is near impossible. A number of PC applications exist that can sync with mobile devices, but they force users to connect their mobile devices at regular intervals to their pc’s. Data created on one device is not instantly available on the others. The solution to this issue is cloud synchronization between all the devices of the user.

Cloudfox wants to solve the scattering issue for browsers. It offers a mobile client for Windows Phone 7 devices to connect to the Mozilla Weave cloud synchronization service. This makes all the bookmarks, history items and open tabs of the user his Firefox instantly available on its mobile phone.

You can download it from the market place using the following link:


bookmarks_refresh_small.PNG search_small.PNG settings_small.PNG


Click to view the roadmap.

Used Open Source Frameworks

I want to share the great open source frameworks that I used during development with fellow WP7 developers. These libraries allowed me to reduce the development time and they helped me improving the overall quality and user experience.
  • MVVM Light: One of the best MVVM frameworks available.
  • JSON.Net: Makes parsing JSON data very easy and it is much more standard-compliant then the Microsoft JSON parser.
  • Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone: Offers a lot of high quality Silverlight controls. I used the ToggleSwitch implementation.
  • Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit: For the ToastPrompt control.
  • Prism: For the ApplicationBarButtonCommand component, allowing me to bind commands to the application bar buttons
  • Ninject: For gluing everything together :)

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