In order to build and modify Cloudfox for Windows Phone 7.0 NoDo, you need to download and install the following software:
  1. The Windows Phone SDK (Windows Phone Developer Tools).
  2. The Windows Phone Developer Tools January 2011 Update.
  3. The Windows Phone Developer Tools Fix.
Please Note: Once Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is released, I will upgrade Cloudfox to the new version of the Windows Phone SDK

You can either install the Phone SDK standalone or integrated in an existing Visual Studio 2010 installation (Professional, Premium or Ultimate). If you choose to install it standalone, the SDK will install a free express version of Visual Studio 2010 on your PC.

Next, you have to either download the source code or connect to the TFS Source Control with Visual Studio 2010. You checkout the "/Main" branch or a "/Releases/<release number>" branch. For more information see the tab pane "Source Code" on this website.

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