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This is an overview of what is planned for the next versions of Cloudfox. This roadmap may change at any time.

Cloudfox 1.1
  • Localization: Add support for Dutch and French (if you are willing to translate to other languages, please contact me!)
  • Search support

Cloudfox 1.2
Last WP7 NoDo version
  • Improvements to the search function
  • Added a help page for the settings page.

Cloudfox 1.3
Upgrade of the app to WP7 Mango
  • Fast app switching
  • Hierarchical folder view
  • Support for Mozilla Weave easy device setup

Cloudfox 2.0
  • Multi-account support

Future versions
  • Migrate data to SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Google Chrome sync support
  • XMarks sync support

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fahadAlkamli Oct 8, 2013 at 2:27 PM 
Hi, i just wanna thank you for your project its really amazing keep it up, < actually one more thing you said if you are walling to translate to other languages contact me right? i can help you with the Arabic language if you want, ..